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Green salad with Dijon vinaigrette 9€

Endive salad with Roquefort cheese and caramelized walnuts 12€

Potato and onion croquettes with sour cream and marinated onion 13€

Cured whitefish with potato, cucumber and pickled mustard seeds 16€

Scallops with cauliflower purée, brown butter, capers and lemon 17€

Bouillabaisse with rouille 14€/22€

Traditional tartar steak 15€/25€

Merguez sausage with marinated red cabbage, yoghurt and mint 13€

Quiche Lorraine with frisée salad and truffle vinaigrette 12€


Grilled goat cheese salad with beetroot and pistachio nuts 19€

Caesar salad

– naturel 18€

– with chicken 24€

Jerusalem artichoke risotto seasoned with truffle, roasted Jerusalem artichoke and pecorino 23€

Pike quenelles with crayfish sauce, spinach and shallots 25€

Roasted Arctic char with roe sauce, poached black salsify and peas 28€

Poached cod with shrimps, egg, horseradish, lemon and brown butter 31€

Veal meatballs with creamy cognac sauce, almond potato purée and lingonberry 22€

Rooster in two ways with Puy lentils and oyster mushrooms 26€

Châteaubriand with Bordelaise sauce, French fries and salad 35€


Selection of French cheeses with cherry compote 14€

Black currant sorbet “Royal” 12€

Yoghurt sorbet with poached pineapple and passion fruit 11€

Lemon pot de crème with Italian meringue 11€

Crèpes Suzette with vanilla ice cream 11€

Chocolate pie with caramel and whipped cream 11€

Chocolate petits fours 8€