À la carte


Green salad and Dijon- vinaigrette 9€

Deep fried cauliflower, truffle mayonnaise, zucchini and currant 12€

Leek-gruyère pie, mâche salad and pine nuts 13€

Cured salmon, mustard sauce and cucumber 15€

Smoked mackerel, marinated red cabbage and gribiche sauce 14€

Anchovy toast, tomato, aioli and marcona almond 14€

Classic steak tartar 15€/25€

Duck pastry, duck jus and smetana 13€

Veal tongue, tomato mayonnaise, horseradish and capers 14€


Grilled goat cheese salad with beetroot, pistachio and honey vinaigrette 19€

Chicken salad, bacon, green beans and tarragon dressing 22€

Kroppkakor stuffed with mushroom, savoy cabbage and lingonberry 23€

Roasted arctic char, horseradish and beetroot 28€

Pike quenelles, crayfish sauce and spinach  25€

Plaice Meunière, brown butter and dill potatoes  27€

Pan fried lamb patty, Brussel sprouts and bacon sauce 24€

Stuffed quail, truffle-mash potatoes and calvados sauce 29€

Châteaubriand Café de paris, garlic potatoes and tomato-onion salad 35€


Selection of French cheese with cherry compote 14€

Black currant sorbet “Royal” 11€

White chocolate mousse with sea buckthorn and roasted white chocolate 11

Lemon pot de creme with Italian meringue 11€

Blueberry financier with blueberry jam and cardamom ice cream 11€

Chocolate pie with caramel and whipped cream 11€