Á la carte


Green salad and Dijon- vinaigrette 9

Kohlrabi salad, lemon, parsley & olive oil 9

Forest mushroom quiche with sour cream 11

Cured white fish, lavaret roe mousse, cucumber and dill oil 15

Grilled baltic herrings with sauce gribiche 13

Cold water shrimps with aioli and toasted bread  16

Classic steak  tartare 15/25

Chicken liver patée, poached pear and brioche 13

Wild duck solyanka soup with Smetana 13


Grilled goat cheese salad with yellow beetroot, pistachio and honey vinaigrette 19

Salade Lyonnaise, bacon, marinated potatoes, salad, poached egg and Dijon-   vinaigrette 19

Arancini, orange glazed fennel  and ricotta cheese 22

Pike quenelles, crayfish sauce and spinach  25

Smoked artic char, roasted beetroot, egg, pickled cucumber and house made crème fraiche 27

Pan fried pike perch, shrimps, brown butter and horseradish 32

Lamb cabbage rolls in rosemary cream, lingonberries and mashed potatoes 22

Roasted spring chicken, carrots with tarragon, chicken jus and herb salad 27

Roasted pork belly, sautéed mushrooms and Brussels sprouts with celeriac gratin 24

Flank steak, béarnaise, broccolini and hand cut French fries 29


Selection of French cheese with cherry compote 14

Blackcurrant sorbet with Champagne 11

Crème caramel and madeleine 11

Yoghurt parfait, macerated blueberries and meringue11

Frangipane, madeira poached plums and whipped cream cheese 11

Chocolate mousse, salted caramel and croquant 11